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Addresses Common Core Character Education Standards and Goals!
Also Addresses Common Core Learning Standards Of Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa and Michigan

"Our school had Chris  into our building to kick off our year, and our message of "Have a Heart" and living your life with strong morals and good character.  He provided some excellent large group assemblies in the morning for our primary (K-2) and intermediate (3-5).  The assemblies sent a strong message that was both age and student appropriate.  In the afternoon, Chris provided individualized grade level workshops.  Chris' high energy and enthusiasm kept the students entertained throughout the entire show as he walked them through the Pillars of Good Character  through the use of puppetry, magic and hilarious behaviour!  The "magic" words used throughout the show were "Choose, Lead & Succeed".  I HIGHLY recommend that you "Choose" to invite Chris into your building for his character building assemblies, watch Chris as he "Leads" the students through the Pillars of Good Character, and finally see your students "Succeed" as individuals in the classroom and your community as they remember and live out Chris' message on a daily basis!"

Andy Fekete, Teacher
Clow Elementary, Naperville, IL

"I am very careful when booking an assembly for our school because our PTO works so hard to earn the money, and because I want to make sure each program has a strong message and enough entertainment value that makes it worthwhile for our students and staff.  Chris McBrien, the Magic Storyteller, certainly brings both of these things to his performance.  He immediately grabs the attention of his audience and keeps it throughout his show.  His messages about the Pillars of Character are very clear and strongly emphasized.  He is also a professional entertainer who uses his talents of magic and ventriloquism to maintain the attention of many different age groups.  Additionally, I told Chris we were supporting a children's book that is a guide to daily happiness for kids.  Chris purchased the book for himself and incorporated many of the items from the book in his show.  This validated  what we have been doing here at school, in terms that our age group easily understood.  I would certainly recommend Chris to any school wanting a similar program.  It was awesome to see our staff laughing right along with the students!"

Brad Hevron, Principal
Indian Knoll School, West Chicago, Illinois

"More educational content in the first five minutes of the program than other presenters we've seen have in their ENTIRE program...and we've seen them ALL!"

Marvin Kiper, Teacher
Kathryn Winn Primary, Carrollton, KY


Character Matters! School Assembly:
"It's not what we SAY, it's what we DO."
Make a difference in your school right now!  This character school assembly program emphasizes  "walking the walk, not just talking the talk" when it comes to how we treat others, ourselves and why every choice is important. This highly interactive program offers crystal-clear definitions and applications of six pillars of Character Counts, elements of conflict resolution, diversity training and self-esteem building.

We emphasize the 6 Pillars of Character:

Trustworthiness * Respect * Responsibility * Fairness * Caring  Citizenship

We also emphasize:

* Citizenship means working together to make great things happen!

* Whatever we say and do we OWN, and have to be responsible for.  It's also how people see us!

* Appreciate Your Teachers!

* Every choice you make MATTERS!

* Don't do what is what is RIGHT.

* You don't have to take the worst behavior of others as a standard for yourself.  You can choose to be better than that.

* Honesty + Caring= RESPECT

* Bullying is never acceptable, comes in many forms and hurts everyone involved.

* Diversity is a gift, not a barrier.

* We're different, but EQUAL.

* The payoff for having good character is that it makes you a better person, helps dreams come true and makes the world a better place.

* Respect Yourself, Respect Others, Respect Property

NOTE: All Promotional Materials Provided!

* Ask about our upcoming: "Diversity University"TM Program!

"Stone School students, teachers, and staff could not have been more pleased with Chris' performance!  His engaging assembly maintained the attention of all our students, grades EC-5, through his delightful use of humor using characters students could easily relate to.  More importantly, his message of good character & citizenship was well received by all.  The kids can not stop talking about the Magic Storyteller!"

C. Pfaff, Principal
Stone Elementary School, Addison, IL (Chicago Metro Area),

"It is very difficult to find assemblies that appeal to a wide variety of ages.  The Magic Storyteller was outstanding!  Students from Pre K through 6th grade enjoyed the program.  The program not only entertained the students, but it also provided useful information for them.  Great Job!"

Principal John Stanton, Principal
Northwest Elementary, Evergreen Park, IL (Chicago Metro Area)

"Chris McBrien is GREAT!  His energy and enthusiasm coupled with his magic provide entertainment that keeps the students' attention.  His messages within his show are valuable and represent the themes and philosophies that we preach each day to our students to encourage them to be good citizens!  A GREAT SHOW for kids and adults as well!"

Terry Kowalski, Principal
Bannes Elementary School, Tinley Park, Illinois

" THANK YOU, Chris!  Your assembly on Character Counts was AWESOME!  The students were ACTIVELY INVOLVED in the presentation!  You kept them ENTERTAINED and LAUGHING while delivering a VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE!"

Sue Hofferica, Principal
Center School, Orland Park, Illinois

"What a terrific assembly!  You shared an important message to the students and kept it fun for ALL!  The students are still talking about the puppets!"

Mary Bell, Teacher
Leggee Elementary, Huntley, IL

" Our school has seen a rising need to give our students moral training.  The Magic Storyteller came to our school and TAUGHT OUR STUDENTS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT in an ENTERTAINING WAY!  ALL students K-8 were FULLY ENGAGED and left the show UPBEAT and MOTIVATED!  We were AMAZED and how INVOLVED and EXCITED our students were during the show!  It was really great to be able to give our students such a great LEARNING OPPORTUNITY that was also a LOT OF FUN!!!"

Megan Thornton, School Counselor
Eagle Ridge School, Silvis, IL (Quad Cities IL & IA Area)

"I just wanted to let you know how much our students enjoyed your assembly today.  I have taught in the elementary grades for over twenty years, and this was one of the best character education assemblies we have ever invited to our school.  The presenter was obviously experienced with young children.  He kept them attentive, entertained, and maintained excellent audience control while delivering his character message.  This program was well worth our time!"

Cathy Wittrock, Third Grade Teacher

Cedar Springs Elementary, House Springs, MO

"The students were GLUED TO HIS EVERY WORD!  He had excellent control over the audience while teaching them to be in control of themselves.  Entertaining yet the message of good character was taught!"

Kay Schultz, Resource Teacher
Pleasant Prairie Elementary, Kenosha, Wisconsin

"AWESOME!  Our kids REALLY enjoyed the show!  His message is PRICELESS!  Teachers have have already asked to have Chris come back to our school at the beginning of the year!"

Karen Drake, Student Support Liaison
Lapel Elementary School, Lapel, IN

"The students and staff at Bethalto West Intermediate School thought the Magic Storyteller was one of the better assemblies that we have had!  We loved the tie into reading (Character Counts with tie-in to Reading theme) and the students were energized during the assembly.  It had information that the students could relate to and it also held their attention.  I believe all kids love a good story that grabs their attention and Chris modeled so many things that the teachers use in their teaching: voice, exciting word choice and fluency.  The day was a huge success!"

Todd Hannaford, Principal
Bethalto West Intermediate, Bethalto, IL

"We absolutely adored your program!  Loved the message!  You kept them spellbound!  We'll definitely have you back!  I'm still hearing great feedback from the students and adults days later!"

Elizabeth Bols & Staff
Toulon Elementary, Toulon, IL
(Northern Illinois)

"Great Program that combined character education & humor!  Our students were attentive and took the importance of the message. Great for K-6 students!"

Matt Busekrus, Assistant Principal
Claude Brown Intermediate, Troy , MO

"Chris did a great job with our students.  The were very into his magic and message the whole time he was in front of them.  I have often seen students lose interest in a program and didn't see that at all.  I heard many positive comments from our teachers and students. Everyone really enjoyed it!  He did a great job, I'll be contacting Chris again I'm sure!"

Cathy Tucker, Teacher
Lake Hamilton Schools, Lake Hamilton, AR

"The assembly was great and appropriate for the students.  Chris had good control, high interest and great participation from the audience.  Thanks for kicking off the Character Counts theme! 
I was impressed with his crowd control and also felt he nicely got the point home to our students.  Also...I want his puppets!!!"

Gower West Elementary, Willowbrook, IL (Chicago Metro Area)

"What a wonderful way to present Character Traits!  Hopefully we can make this an annual event!  We will be sure to spread the word!"

Mrs. Nowak, Administrator
New Enterprise Academy, O'Fallon, IL

"One of the best programs we have ever had!"

Dr. Connie Brawley, Principal
Spoede Elementary, St. Louis, MO

"The Magic Storyteller is a high-energy show that keeps the children's attention during the performance.  The storyteller's moral message reinforces our school's character education!"

Dr. Gayle Crawford, Principal
West Frankfort Intermediate School, West Frankfort, IL

"I just wanted to say "thank you" for coming to our school.  The students truly enjoyed your presentation.  This was on of the most effective Character Education Assemblies I have ever seen.  Your interaction with the students was brilliant.  I was amazed to see all of our students leaving the gym in such a quiet, polite manner!  The students were still talking about your assembly days after you were here!  Thanks for making that hours so enjoyable and productive for students and staff!"

April Hertenstein, School Social Worker
Buford Intermediate, Mt. Vernon, IL

"This was an amazing event.  The kids loved it and the parent/student turnout was better than ever.  The show was fun, interactive and educational.  5 Stars!"

Grace Green, 1st Grade Teacher
High Ridge Elementary, High Ridge, MO
(Character Counts Daytime Assembly & Family Night)

"The Magic Storyteller's character concepts were perfectly aligned with what our elementary school practices each day.  The students felt comfortable due to the consistency of his program in regards to ours, but his message came from a fresh face (and voices) which gave our building an invigorating shot in the arm!  Positive comments came throughout the day from students and adults alike, and we could not have asked for any more than what we received that day.  Thank you so much, Chris, it was a blast!"

Mike Adair, 5th  & 6th Grade Teacher
Northeast Elementary, Goose Lake, IA

Team: Bully Free! Anti-Bullying School Assembly
Need a great anti - bullying school assembly that also includes diversity training and great lessons on the benefits of respect?

You've found it!

Considered to be among the top bullying school assemblies for elementary and intermediate schools in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa and Missouri!  This program WORKS!


A school anti bullying assembly program about the dangers of bullying, how to identify bullying, how to stop bullying and how working together as a team and respecting others can help your students have the best, most successful lives possible.

Bullying is a hard topic for many schools as it can be very difficult for children to "fit in" in our world today.  The last thing a child wants is to be "singled out", picked on or have to live in fear.  Children often do not realize that bullying is not only physical but also verbal and comes in many forms not often openly recognized.

How do I know about this problem?  Besides my formal training on the topic, I was bullied in school both verbally and physically.  I remember fearing to go to school, not knowing how to deal with being picked on and the overwhelming sadness that came with not being accepted.  My confidence became non-existent, my grades suffered horribly and my problem only seemed to get worse!

So how did I solve my problem with bullying?

Let me show your school how I overcame my problems with
bullying through "Team: Bully Free!", a program devoted to inspiring students to see their differences as gifts, to work together to accomplish their dreams by creating a safe environment they can thrive in and how to deal with bullying in a safe yet productive way that helps both those being bullied and the bullies!

Team Bully Free Goals:

1. Promote safe schools.
2. Reduce bullying in schools.
3. Reduce school violence.
4. Provide tools for victims.
5. How NOT to be a bully.
6. Why bullying hurts EVERYONE involved.
7. Promote "No Bully" teams.
8. Teach the real meaning of RESPECT!

* NOTE: Students will be given a review sheet and a promise contract that they will sign promising that they will not bully anyone and that they will work together to promote a safe school environment!

Students Learn:

* What constitutes bullying.
* 4 Kinds of Bullying to watch for.
* What respect really means..and how it works.
* The difference between "telling" and "tattling"
* What to do if you're a target of observer of BULLYING
* How to get what you want without BULLYING
* How enlivening trust, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring &  citizenship stop BULLYING.
* How to be a true friend and teammate.

Also emphasized:

* Listening, talking and the desire to help others creates lasting friendships.

* It's what inside you that really counts, not the outside.  What we wear and where we live are not important.

* Everyone deserves to be appreciated and respected for who they are.  Everyone has feelings, everyone matters.

* We can all achieve our dreams when we work TOGETHER AS A TEAM.

* Diversity should be viewed as an opportunity, not a barrier.


NOTE: All Promotional Materials Provided!  Our Bullying School Assembly is considered one of the top programs in Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas and many other states throughout the Midwest!  Here's what you peers think:

"Our school continuously teaches students to be respectful and responsible.  We had Chris McBrien for an assembly to kick off the new school year and lead our Anti-Bullying Week.  He brought an outstanding variety of performances that relayed the messages and kept the students entertained.  Our school is grades K-4.  He really knows how to work with students!"

Reginald Patterson, Principal
Longwood Elementary, Glenwood, Illinois

"Chris did a fabulous job engaging our students and keeping them on their toes.  What a great message to send!  We'll continue having him back year after year!"

Patrick Shelton, Principal & Curriculum Director
Lewis & Clark Elementary, Wood River, Illinois

"Thanks again for a wonderful performance!  This was a great way to kick off our new school year.  "Bullying" was talked about in a kid friendly manner with many strategies that they can put into use!  I enjoyed the "Team Bully Free" lessons and tie-in with character!"

Janet Willey, School Social Worker
Minooka Elementary School, Minooka, Illinois

"Thanks so much Chris for the great show!  I think it was enjoyed by ALL!  I hope you had a safe trip home and hope to do business with you again in the future.  What a great program!"

Ann Wall, PTO Event Coordinator
DeWitt School, DeWitt, IA

"The Magic Storyteller, Chris McBrien, had a great message about bullying for the students.  His magic and storytelling kept their attention, taught them a message and had them wanting more!  His show was very entertaining!"

Gary Wise, Principal
Molden Elementary, Troy, Illinois

"We really enjoyed your show.  An important message sent in a unique and positive way!  You kept my kindergarten classes entertained, too, and that's hard to do!"

Kristal Badon, Teacher
Oaklawn Visual & Performing Arts Magnet, Hot Springs, AR

"Now THAT is what I call an assembly program!"

Steve Fuglsang, Principal
Camanche Elementary, Camanche, Iowa

"I had teachers coming up to me after the program saying that you were "AWESOME"!" You do a wonderful job and have a great message!"

April Braddock, PTA President

Arlington Elementary, Arlington, TN

"Chris was totally entertaining and gave great test-taking tips to our kids before the OAT!"

Lisa Miller, Counselor
Midview Elementary, Grafton, OH

"The most powerful, effective, educational and entertaining program we have every seen.  We'll definitely have him bac
k again!"

Tracie Donnelly, PTO
Jordan Elementary School, Centralia, IL

Read (and Write) to Succeed School Assembly
The Reading School Assembly that really WORKS!
Writing is also heavily promoted!
One of the most important skills not only to know but to practice daily for the sake of achieving one's goals: reading.

One of the most important skills not only to know but to practice daily for the sake of helping others achieve their goals: writing.

The Magic Storyteller will come to your school and empower your students with the inside scoop on why "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER" and reading and writing have everything to do with making their dreams come true!!!

"Read to Succeed" has proven itself as a program that truly motivates young readers to read more AND to write daily!

"Read to Succeed" is considered by hundreds of teachers, principals and librarians throughout the Midwest as one of the best reading and writing assemblies EVER CREATED!

Not only do children absolutely LOVE this show, so do parents, teachers, librarians and principals!  You'll see them laughing and being inspired right along with the kids!

Also emphasized:

* You can achieve amazing goals when you read.

* You should read every single day.

* You should write every single day.

* Writing helps everyone and gives us a record of who you are and things you've learned.

* Reading teaches us about amazing cultures, animals, history and ourselves.

* Reading teaches us to respect others.

*Reading helps us become positive role-models, or "leaders".

NOTE: Chris does literally 200 plus of these shows every single year in schools and libraries across the Midwest.  He was St. Louis County's Spotlighted Performer this Summer (and last) with the "Read to Succeed" program!

NOTE: All Promotional Materials Provided!

"Magic Storyteller was an exceptional and engaging assembly for our students.  They were enthralled with the puppets and Chris has a wonderful way of telling stories that left the children talking about it for days afterward.  Fantastic Job!  We will definitely call upon Chris in the years to come."

Angela Stallion, Principal
Pioneer Path Elementary, Channahon, IL (Chicago Metro Area)

"Chris the Magic Storyteller captivates his audience no matter what the age is!  We have had The Magic Storyteller for two years and LOVE his shows!  He is always professional and very easy to work with."

Kitty Copple, Reading Teacher
Westridge Elementary, Ballwin, MO

"Great message and wonderful show!  We loved it and will definitely have you back!"

Cindy Conley, Coordinator
Pierremont Elementary, Ballwin, MO
St. Louis Metro Area

"WHAT A BLAST!  Thanks so much for visiting us in Litchfield!  I have heard MANY compliments about your performance!  Children and adults fell in love with the Magic Storyteller.  The Magic Storyteller and his puppet friends are a MUST SEE performance!"

Trish Hamilton, PTO Coordinator
Sihler School, Litchfield, IL

"I wanted to tell you that you received rave reviews from the kids as well as the adults.  I really enjoyed the show and so did Dr. Hutcheson (Principal).  You were WONDERFUL!"

Kris Chapman, Administrative Assistant
Dardenne Elementary, O'Fallon, MO

"He related well with all age groups, brought the i
mportance of reading into his performance and had wonderful student involvement!  Great show!"

Ruth Ann Tobey-Brown, Principal
Denkmann School, Rock Island, IL

"Wonderful program, great message.  We really enjoyed it!"

Matt Andrews, Principal
Mary W. French Academy, Decatur, IL


Principal & Staff
N.O. Nelson Elementary, Edwardsville, IL

"We enjoyed the message, humor and magic!  We liked the way you incorporated the positive message into your act.  Chris was very professional and easy to work with!  The Be Drug Free Show was fun and entertaining as well as educational for our students.  It sent a positive message in a creative way!"

Neeley Curtis, Social Worker
Belle Valley North, Belleville, IL

"Our Magic Storyteller assembly was FANTASTIC!  The young K-2 students at our building were extremely engaged with the magic, puppets and more importantly, the message!  Chris interspersed the character education message throughout the entire performance!  Thanks again!"

Principal & Teachers
Hamel Elementary, Hamel, IL

"I was really impressed with how attentive our at-risk class was during the assembly.  The program was great!"

Mike Morriss, Principal
Freedom Elementary, Waynesville, MO

Fantastic Family Fun Nights!

We take great pride if offering the finest family night school programs (assemblies) you could ever ask for!  We first provide posters and information to insert into your school newsletter to ensure that your school's families get excited about coming to the event...then we provide the most top-notch professional family production available! 

* Different program from that of the daytime assembly!


* Available at discount when bought with a daytime assembly!

* We make family-night planners into HEROES!

"The Magic Storyteller is truly magical!  Chris McBrien came to our elementary school for a family reading night, and mesmerized the entire audience with his exceptional program.  He was funny and informative at the same time, and kept the kids glued to their seats!  The next morning my 6 year old son asked me when the magic man was coming back again.  We would definitely be interested in booking him for another program or assembly at our school!

Susan Kosinski, Reading Night Chairperson
Schafer School, Lombard, IL

"WHAT A BLAST!  Thanks so much for visiting Litchfield.  I have heard MANY compliments about your performance!  Children and adults fell in love with the Magic Storyteller.  The Magic Storyteller and his puppets are a MUST SEE performance!"

Trish Hamilton, PTO Coordinator
Sihler School, Litchfield, Illinois

"The evening show was WONDERFUL!!! Our parents and students enjoyed your show! THANKS AGAIN!"

Glenn Barnes, Principal
Knox Elementary, Knox, IN

"This was an amazing event!  The parent & student turnout was better  than ever!  The show was fun, interactive and educational!  5 STARS!"

Grace Green, 1st Grade Teacher

"The Family Night was a HUGE SUCCESS!  Chris' enthusiasm brought many students families to the event.  We had not had a turnout like this on an after school event yet, so we were VERY PLEASED with the show!  I heard positive feedback from many people that attended.  They liked the way he kept the audience involved, the show running smoothly and fun was had by ALL!  We look forward to our Spring event to reiterate the importance of reading.  Thanks for everything!"

Cheryl Penning, Teacher & PTG Coordinator
High Ridge Elementary, High Ridge, MO

We are looking forward to serving your school with our school assembly programs!

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We Are Proud To Offer Character, Reading, Bullying, Diversity, Testing & Drug Awareness School Assembly /  School Assemblies to the Great States of:

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From Chicago to Des Moines, from Milwaukee to Indianapolis, the Magic Storyteller is proud to present his highly acclaimed Character School Assembly Assemblies!

We provide Character Reading Bullying Testing Family Night Healthy Choices School Assembly Assemblies for these States and their Cities:

Providing IL Illinois Character & Bullying Bully School Assembly Assemblies for these cities and more: 
Chicago Metro Area Lisle Woodridge Lisle St. Charles Naperville Aurora Plainfield Lisle Downers Grove Crystal Lake Rockford Moline Galena Hinsdale Minooka Channahon Forest Park Oak Park Riverside Quad Cities Chicago Heights Palos Heights Coal City Fairview Heights Marion Metropolis Jerseyville Collinsville Glen Carbon Alton Troy Mt. Vernon Marion Belleville Minooka Channahon Jacksonville Springfield Decatur Chester Frankfort Hinsdale Aurora McHenry Woodstock Orland Park Lindenhurst Harvard DeKalb Berwyn Batavia Wheaton Elgin Braidwood Wilmington Morris Ottawa Geneva Tinley Park Evergreen Park Peotone Watseka Chillicothe Peoria Kewanee Rock Falls Sterling Geneseo Galesburg Monmouth Macomb Salem Godfrey Carbondale Freeburg
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Quad Cities Goose Lake Muscatine Clinton DeWitt Davenport Des Moines Sioux City Bettendorf LeClaire Dubuque Waterloo Tipton Maquoketa Camanche Burlington Cedar Falls Ankenny Fort Dodge Mount Pleasant Ottumwa Fairfield Oskaloosa Washington Iowa City Le Claire Fort Madison Keokuk

Providing MI Michigan Character & Anti Bullying Bully School Assembly Assemblies for these cities and more: Holland Detroit Lansing Colon Ada Addison Algonac Muskegon Grand Haven Norton Shores Kalamazoo Battle Creek Lansing Mt. Pleasant Big Rapids Midland Bay City Port Huron Flint Grand Blanc Dearborn Southfield Sterling Heights Rochester Hills Pontiac Waterford Brighton Howell Ann Arbor Jackson Albion Three Rivers St. Joseph Cheboygan Alpena Traverse City Cadillac Lapeer

Providing IN Indiana Character & Anti Bullying Bully School Assemblies Assembly for these cities and more: Indianapolis Merrillville Valparaiso St. John Santa Claus Mt. Vernon Evansville Boonville Sellersburg Bloomington Mooresville Greenwood Noblesville Lafayette Kokomo Muncie Fort Wayne Terre Haute Auburn Warsaw Elkhart Mishawaka La Porte Lowell Cedar Lake Valparaiso Hobart Merrillville Griffith Lake Station Highland Chesterton

Providing WI Wisconsin Character & Anti Bullying Bully Chicago School Assembly Assemblies for these cities and more: Milwaukee Appleton Kenosha Madison Platteville Prairie du Chien Mt. Horeb Oak Creek Waukesha Janesville West Bend Sheboygan Manitowoc Green Bay Waupun Oshkosh Verona Sturgeon Bay Two Rivers Racine Pleasant Prairie Dodgeville Richland Center Baraboo Reedsburg Portage Harmony Grove Wisconsin Dells

Iowa Character Anti Bullying Bully School Assembly Assemblies
that are guaranteed to work! We also provide:
Illinois Character Anti Bully Bullying School Assembly Assemblies
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Wisconsin Character Anti Bullying Bully School Assembly Assemblies
Indiana Character Anti Bullying Bully School Assembly Assemblies
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Chicago Bullying Character School Assembly Assemblies that are guaranteed to work!  We also provide:
Quad City Bullying Character School Assembly Assemblies
Rockford Bullying Character School Assembly Assemblies
Bloomington Bullying Character School Assembly Assemblies
Springfield Bullying Character School Assembly Assemblies
Naperville Bullying Character School Assembly Assemblies
Watseka Bullying Character School Assembly Assemblies
Kenosha Bullying Character School Assembly Assemblies
Milwaukee Bullying Character School Assembly Assemblies
Indianapolis Bullying Character School Assembly Assemblies
St. Louis Bullying Character School Assembly Assemblies
Des Moines Bullying Character School Assembly Assemblies
Fort Wayne Bullying Character School Assembly Assemblies
Frankfort Bullying Character School Assembly Assemblies

School Assembly Magic Puppets Ventriloquism Comedy Mime Audience Participation Theatrical Storytelling Mime...all to teach aspects of Great Character, Anti Bullying and to motivate students to READ!

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The original Character Counts School Assembly and Assemblies in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan.

Iowa Reading * Character * Bullying * Testing School Assembly Assemblies * Ventriloquist * Educational Speaker
Missouri Reading * Character * Bullying * Testing School Assembly Assemblies * Ventriloquist * Motivational
Illinois Reading * Character * Bullying * Testing School Assembly Assemblies * Ventriloquist * Public Speaker
Wisconsin Reading * Character * Bullying * Testing School Assembly Assemblies * Ventriloquist * Educator
Indiana Reading * Character * Bullying * Testing School Assembly Assemblies * Ventriloquist * Educational
Michigan Reading * Character * Bullying * Testing School Assembly Assemblies * Motivational Ventriloquist

Serving Southern and Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Kansas & Michigan!

Magic Storyteller School Assemblies fulfill Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio State Curriculum Educational Standards on topics of Character, Diversity, Bullying, Test Taking, Reading, Drug Awareness and Healthy Choices!   Ventriloquist * Motivational Speaker * Educator
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Chicago Illinois Character Bullying & Reading School Assembly!