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Opened APRIL 1ST, 2016.....and we're already booking up fast for the 2018-2019 school year!

Rave Review: Arnold J. Tyler School, New Lenox, IL

"Your programs are always awesome! Thumbs up from staff and students! We'll see you again
next year!"
Principal & Staff, Naper Elementary School, Naperville, Illinois 2/13/2018

"He touched on everything we are teaching in the classroom!
Great science experiments! Clear lessons and explanation of scientific method!
We loved the ventriloquist characters! Extremely entertaining! The students and teachers loved it!"
Teachers & Students, Parkview Elementary School, Orfordville, WI

"Superhero Science was an incredible program! It was super-engaging for students and staff, and kept
the attention of our students the ENTIRE TIME! The students truly understood the Scientific Method
by the time they left this assembly!"
Principal, Arnold J. Tyler School, New Lenox, IL

"Superhero Science is a GREAT program! Chris made it easy to understand the Scientific Method
for all age levels and presented three different sciences, scientific experiments and their historical backgrounds with clear lessons. He covered our science curriculum and so much more!"
Principal & Staff, Haines School, New Lenox, IL

Program Description:

This program is based off of Common Core STEM / Science Curriculum Guidelines. It's a proven, great way
to strengthen current science curriculum and introduce new, advanced concepts within that curriculum in an easy to comprehend way for younger students. It's also a proven, great way to review early scientific concepts, experience currently taught concepts and explore ADVANCED scientific concepts for older students! AND while many of these scientific lessons span more than one age group, additional advanced information is added for upper grade level assemblies. Programs can be presented as two "younger" and "older" assemblies, or presented as one assembly covering a wide age range!

Much more than just pop, whizz, bang and whirl! This STEM / STEAM BASED ASSEMBLY puts everyday "super powers" of science into the hands of up to 10 onstage volunteers! We make the Scientific Method easy to understand with science kids can do at home TODAY, as well as bringing in some specialty science gizmos and gadgets that inspire them to put science into their FUTURE!  K- 6 students in Primary, Elementary and Intermediate schools throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana & Michigan will be mesmerized by a variety of different science experiments!'s FUNNY! 
Did we mention Chris will be using a few of his hysterically funny ventriloquist friends along the way?

Science Safety
The Scientific Method
Physical, Mathmatical & Life Sciences
Air Pressure
Simple Chemical Reactions
Liquids, Solids & Gases
Simple Machines: The Lever &  Archimedes (and it's history!)
Bernoulli's Principle
Newton's Law of Force and Motion
Centripetal Force & Gravity
Angular Momentum (and it's uses!)
Static Electricity
Scientific Classification

REMEMBER: Chris uses his acclaimed ventriloquist skills to make SCIENCE even more FUN!
"Muppets Meets Science!" We're making science fun again in a whole NEW WAY!

Many of our regular clients are already booking this show! We'll have more info/photos and video soon!
Here's what they have to say about our past programs!

"All of Chris' programs are GREAT both in quality and educational content! We can count on him!"
Stone School, Addison, Illinois

"We only hire programs that have significantly educational value and content. Chris' shows are THAT & MORE!"
Beebe Elementary, Naperville, Illinois

Bettendorf School District, Bettendorf, Iowa

"We were worried the 5th Graders may not like the puppets. WE WERE WRONG! Chris has a GIFT! The 5th Graders were laughing so hard they had tears in their eyes! There were COMPLETELY ENGAGED THE ENTIRE TIME! Hire Chris, he's worth every penny!"
Lake Street Elementary School, Crown Point, Indiana

"K - 5th Grade love his programs! And yes, the older kids love his puppets, too! He's so funny!
Best program we've ever had!"
Raymond Elementary School, Franksville, Wisconsin

"Chris' assemblies were both educational and entertaining, for everyone! Staff and students raved about his daytime programs, and all of our school families loved the evening shows!"
Cadillac Area Public Schools, Cadillac, Michigan

"VERY POSITIVE FEEDBACK from students AND teachers! We've had Chris' assembly numerous times. If you haven't had Chris at your school, CALL HIM!"
Bower Elementary School, Warrenville, Illinois

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